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You can download below all user manuals and technical datasheets for our products.

In the “Actual range” section, you will find the latest version of our manuals. Consult us for previous versions, providing the serial number or index of your equipment.

The equipment no longer being manufactured in our factory can be seen in the “Previous generations” section after “Actual range”.

Actual range

Please find hereunder the latest version of our manuals. Consult us for previous versions, providing the serial number or index of your equipment.

Battery chargers

YPOWER PLUS AC-DC Battery chargers

HPOWER AC-DC Battery chargers – single-phase models

Display for HPOWER – DNV

YPOWER AC-DC Battery chargers

Relays board for charger YPOWER – REL

YPOWER DC-DC Battery chargers

YPOWER PLUS Shore-power units

YPOWER Shore-power units


Accessories – Chargers

UNI-DISPLAY-R Touch-screen control panel

HPO-DISPLAY-R Touch-screen control panel (replaced by UNI-DISPLAY-R)

YPO-DISPLAY-R Touch-screen control panel

YPO-DISPLAY-R Touch-screen control panel for YPOWER shore-power units

CPS3 Digital display

STP-UNI temperature probe

STP-NEW temperature probe


KERSINE inverters (available soon)

SOLO inverters – 12V 200W 400W 800W 2000W – SOLO 24V 300W 500W 1000W 2000W – SOLO 48V 300W 500W

SOLO inverters – 24V 2300W 3300W – SOLO 48V 1200W 2300W  3500W

YPOWER DC-DC Battery chargers

SD DC-DC Converters


Battery related products

RCE battery isolators

VLTG Voltage Guard

Battery monitor BAT-MON-3.5-3 – 3-voltage



Isolation transformers

YPOWER MPPT solar charge regulators


Previous generations


Battery chargers CPS3

CPS3 chargers – 12V/16A, 12V/25A, 12V/40A, 12V/60A, 24V/12A, 24V/20A, 24V/30A & 48V/15A – Index D

CPS3 chargers 12V/80A, 24V/60A, 24V/75A & 48V/30A – Index D

CPS3 chargers – 12V/100A, 24V/120A & 48V/60A – Index D

CPS3 chargers 24V/150A-TRI – Index D

Battery chargers CPS3 OEM

CPS3 OEM chargers – 12V/25A, 12V/40A, 12V/60A (switches – manufacturing after June 2011)

CPS3 OEM chargers – 12V/25A, 12V/40A, 12V/60A (selection wheel – manufacturing before June 2011)

CPS3 OEM chargers – 24V/60A 230Vac

CPS3 OEM chargers – 24V/60A 115Vac

CPS3 OEM chargers – 24V/40A & 24V/60A

Battery chargers CPS2

CPS2 chargers – Complete range

Battery chargers CPS2 OEM

CPS2 OEM chargers – 12V/25A

CPS2 OEM chargers – 12V/40A

CPS2 OEM chargers – 12V/60A

CPS2 OEM chargers – 24V/20A

CPS2 OEM chargers – 24V/40A

CPS2 OEM chargers – 24V/60A

Battery chargers CPS

CPS Battery chargers – Range

CPS140-1A chargers 12V 12A

CPS600-1A chargers 12V 50A

CPS960-1A chargers 12V 80A

Battery chargers NEMO

NEMO 12 chargers – 230V 12V 2 outputs

NEMO 25 chargers – 230v 12V 2 outputs

NEMO 25 chargers – 115-230V 12V 3 outputs

NEMO 50 chargers – 230V 12V 3 outputs

NEMO 50 chargers – 115-230v 24V 3 ouputs

Yelllow molded case chargers

Shore power units CPS3

CPS3 12V/12A Shore power units

CPS3 12V/16A, 12V/25A & 12V/40A Shore power units

Shore power units CPS2

CPS2 12V/10A Shore power units

CPS2 12V/16A, 12V/25A & 12V/40A Shore power units

Shore power units CPS

CPS 12V 10A, 12V/16A, 12V/25A Shore power units

CPS 12V 40A Shore power units


Battery related products

Battery monitor BAT-MON-3.5 dual voltage

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