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YPOWER battery chargers with factory option board

12V/16A, 12V/25A, 12V/40A, 12V/60A, 24V/12A, 24V/20A & 24V/30A

Very popular YPOWER chargers are now available with integrated optional boards : Relays or CAN BUS board.

Relays board allows 2 alarms to be transmitted to an external monitoring system through dry contacts (NO & NC) : low battery and charger fault.

CAN BUS interface board allows the charger to communicate with a monitoring system or other peripherals.

CRISTEC is the only manufacturer to offer chargers with natural convection (without fan) up to 40A * included (* in 12V; 20A in 24V).

This specificity gives them totally silent operation and an optimized lifespan.

It is therefore possible to install them anywhere on board, including under a berth.

The more powerful models, 12V / 60A and 24V / 30A, have a controlled fan.

In other words, the fan will only be in operation at the very start of charging (Boost phase) and/or when the ambient temperature is high.


Data sheet
YPOWER manual
Relays board manual
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