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Our range of converters answers all your needs in terms of energy conversion.


Our brand new sinewave high-power invertersKERSINEare powerful enough to power high power devices (microwaves oven, coffee machine, hair dryer, etc.). They deliver 3KW, continuously, regardless of the type of device connected and up to + 50°C ambient.


Our inverters SOLO convert batteries direct voltage into 230VA C/50Hz alternating current. They deliver a sinusoidal wave identical to mains supply.


We have also developped a range of DC-DC chargers stemming from the YPOWER range.

YPOWER DC-DC chargers-converters have been designed to charge a 12,24, 36 or 48V battery bank from a 12, 24, 36 or 48V network. The most typical case of use is the 24V bow-thruster battery bank charge from the 12V onboard network.


Our DC-DC converters SD are dedicated to the power-supply of electric and electronic equipment. They guarantee a high quality output voltage and ensure insulation. Thanks to their input voltage range they can be connected directly to a battery.

Solo inverters range
Solo inverters range
Solo inverters range
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