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SOLO 24V sinewave inverters

The aim of the inverters is to convert battery direct voltage into 230VAC/50Hz alternating current.

230VAC/60Hz or 115VAC/60Hz or 50Hz models are available on request.

The SOLO inverters deliver a sinusoïdal wave identical to commercial mains supply. This signal type enables a wide scope of applications: computing equipment, lighting, Hi-Fi, domestic equipment.

They have been designed to withstand to high current peak in starting transient phase: microwaves, electric tools, compressor, etc.

CRISTEC has always talked about the constant power of their pieces of equipment which is not the case of the other inverter manufacturers.

When we talk about a 24V/1000VA inverter, this is an inverter that can deliver 1000VA on continuous, 1300VA during 30mn and 2800VA during 5s (VA = W).

Solo inverters range


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SOLO inverters accessories - Remote control
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