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YPOWER battery chargers

12V/16A, 12V/25A, 12V/40A, 12V/60A, 24V/12A, 24V/20A & 24V/30A

With more than 150,000 HF battery chargers installed worldwide, CRISTEC is proud to present its fifth generation of HF chargers:  YPOWER range.

Indeed, being robust, reliable and efficient, the latter will offer you professional use of quality and comfort of use thanks to its multi-output function.

YPOWER battery chargers are also compatible with a DC 144V (121V–169V) or a DC 288V (247V–346V) input network – see datasheet

Silent operating

CRISTEC is the only manufacturer to offer chargers with natural convection (without fan) up to 40A * included (* in 12V; 20A in 24V).

This specificity gives them totally silent operation and an optimized lifespan.

It is therefore possible to install them anywhere on board, including under a berth.

The more powerful models, 12V / 60A and 24V / 30A, have a controlled fan.

In other words, the fan will only be in operation at the very start of charging (Boost phase) and/or when the ambient temperature is high.

Thermal Performance

  • Rated charge up to +60°C with no derating
  • can be installed in an engine room
  • Model 12V/40A Ignition protected according to standards SAE J1171 and ISO8846

Easy connection

Quick, reliable and friendly mounting

AC & DC plug connectors included


5-stage charging profile

Boost : charges batteries to 80% of full charge
Absorption : slowly completes remaining charge to 100%
Floating : maintains battery charge
Automatic refresh : prevents sulphation and revitalizes batteries, selectable by internal switch
Reboost : new automatic Boost phase if batteries demand needs it.

Power-supply mode also available.

IU mode by inhibiting the BOOST using internal switch.

Adaptative charge


Presence of a custom-made and simultaneous recharge of 3 battery banks, including one dedicated to the motor battery.

YPOWER chargers are compatible with all types of batteries:

  • Opened classic lead
  • Sealed, Gel or AGM
  • Spiral sealed
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate ( LiFePO4 ) with BMS


YPOWER AC-DC battery chargers adapt to different markets and applications:

  • Professional marine : naval, service boat, fishing boat, passenger boat, tug, barge, barge, lighthouse and beacon.
  • Recreational marine : yachting, sailing boat, motor boat, electric boat, catamaran, speedboat, etc.
  • Mobile :
    • Emergency vehicles : firemen, ambulance, rescue, depollution, etc.
    • Recreational vehicles : motorhome, golf course, etc.
    • Special vehicles : surveillance, transport of animals, Van, public works etc.
  • Industry : automated cleaning, on-board camera, recognition robots, telecommunications, etc.
  • Wind-powered : landsites
  • Solar : isolated sites

AC-DC battery charger YPOWER 12V 60A

5-year guaranty for any product manufactured from 01/01/2020

  • Silent
  • High temperature performance
  • Plug & play : easy connection
  • CAN-BUS interface
  • Automatic and Autonomous
  • Remote touch-screen control panel


Data sheet
User manual


HPOWER battery chargers accessories - STP-NEW-2.8 temperature probe
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