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Battery related products

CRISTEC offers a complete range of equipment dedicated to batteries environment.

Electronic battery isolators (MOS transistors) RCE prevent the current from flowing from one battery set to another and allow to automatically direct the current of charge to the lowest charged battery. As they do not create any voltage drop unlike the usual diode splitters, the efficiency of the charge circuit is improved. Easy to connect, they automatically fi t to the 12 or 24Vdc input power supply voltage.

The battery monitor BAT-MON shows all relevant standard data as voltage, current, remaining capacity and time of the house battery and one additional voltage of starter or bow batteries at the same time.

JBNUMII battery monitor has an exclusive large size LCD graphic. Its standard version includes a 250A shunt to monitor voltage, current and remaining capacity of a battery bank (e.g. : service) as well as voltage of two other banks (e.g. : engine and bow-thruster).

Voltage guard VLTG-70 protects your battery in order to increase its life duration.
It provides a constant low voltage, overvoltage and overload protection.

RCE electronic battery isolators
JBNUM-II battery monitor
Voltage Guard VLTG70
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