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Who are we?

Founded in 1983 in Annecy, CRISTEC (standing for CReation, Innovation Scientifique et TEChnique, or Scientific and Technical Innovation and Creation) specializes in energy conversion. The company is now based in Quimper in Brittany.

CRISTEC belongs to the EURO ELEC group and its success is built on its teams and technical means, whose expertise is widely recognized.

Our mission: through our know-how and our skills, bring value to all our current and future customers, to help them anticipate and find today the solution to their needs of tomorrow.

CRISTEC offers expertise on an international scale via its range of standard and customized products mainly for on-board applications.

Thanks to our network of agents and distributors who are present in over 50 countries we can guarantee our clients reliable universal solutions for use in extreme environmental conditions.

Our means

Thanks to our R & D department backed up by specifically adapted testing facilities we can rapidly develop product ranges to meet technical specifications as well as assessing prototypes and preproduction models.

Our competitive positioning for standard CRISTEC models means that we have an international supply and subcontracting chain.

Our industrial organisation has earned “ISO 9001 BUREAU VERITAS” certification and is continually seeking to improve, with optimal customer satisfaction as our guiding principle.

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Our products

Our automatic H.F. chargers, an innovative technology in which CRISTEC was the precursor, and all our products relating to battery charging meet the whole host of international standards and norms.

The design of our latest equipment benefits from unrivalled feedback on 200.000 HF chargers in use.

High-performance, compact and light, their ergonomic design means they are easy to install, quick to hook up and keep on functioning over time in perfect safety.

Our references

Sailing boats, motor and electric boats, barges, vehicles for the police and emergency services, for work and leisure uses, autonomous electrical installations for wind and solar power, etc : whenever the situation or energy management demands are particularly stringent.

From Europe to Asia, the number and diversity of CRISTEC’s clients is proof of our success and represents an ongoing challenge to meet and anticipate their needs.

Trust us and embark all our energy on your side!

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