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The RCE MOSFET electronic battery isolators are some electronic devices designed to direct the charging current to several batteries while preventing current from flowing from one battery to another.

The DC input power source may be an alternator, a charger, a wind turbine, a solar panel, a hydrogenator, etc.

The load distributors have a negligible voltage drop compared to conventional diode models which generate a drop of the order of 0.7VDC.

The RCE load distributors can be used with any type of generator including electronic models, thanks to its special IG (Ignition = priming) terminal.

The DC input power source will determine the rating of the splitter box:

For a 120A alternator, choose a 150A splitter (if a battery is either deeply discharged or short-circuited, the available input current may flow through the splitter box.)

General characteristics

  • Type : MOSFET
  • Complete and fast charge of 2 or 3 battery sets
  • Operating in 12V or 24V from any energy source :
    alternator, wind generator, solar-panel, battery charger, etc.
  • Integrated ignition alternator terminal (except model RCE/100-2E-3)
  • Connection : + battery on threaded rods, – battery on Faston terminal at minus common (reference)
  • Operating indicator (alternator output voltage presence)
  • Operating temperature : -40°C /+85°C
  • Cooling : natural


battery isolator RCE-100-2E-3
RCE electronic battery isolators
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