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JBNUM-II battery monitor

CRISTEC presents its battery control accessory: the JBNUM-II battery monitor.

The CRISTEC battery monitor is the only one on the market with a large graphic LCD display for optimum data reading: 62 x 44 mm (built-in backlight). Its version includes a 250A shunt to simultaneously control the voltage, amperage and remaining capacity of a battery bank (i.e.: servitude) as well as the voltage of two other battery banks (i.e., starting and thruster).

The batteries can be in 12, or in 24 or in 48V, see mixed.

By adding optional shunt kits it is possible to fully control 3 battery packs simultaneously (or the flow of power sources such as a wind turbine or solar panels – voltage & current) and 2 extra battery packs. This new battery gauge features an alarm that triggers when the preset low battery capacity threshold is reached and a dry contact for automatic control of a generating set.


  • The following parameters can be set :
    • Number of battery banks (or DC sources) to monitor
    • Capacity of each battery bank (Ah)
    •  Alarm values (low capacity, low voltage and high voltage)
    • Acoustic alarm (buzzer) and electrical contact ON/OFF
    • Language (French or English)
    • Backlight duration

Technical characteristics

Input nominal voltage

•  from 8,5 to 60VDC


•  without backlight /30mA ; with backlight /65mA

Battery or DC source

•  from 5 to 4000Ah


Battery or energy source voltage : from 0 to 60VDC

Current : from -500A to 500A

Download our data sheet for more information!

battery monitor JBNUM-II


    Data sheet User manual


    JBNUMII battery monitor - kitshunt 250A
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