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BAT-MON battery monitor

Brand new CRISTEC’s advanced battery monitor BAT-MON for most demanding users. For up to 3 battery banks or power generation (DC source) with 3 additional battery voltage readings.

It operates at 12 and 24V and is suitable for all types of batteries, including Lithium.

It will soon be available with 36 and 48V voltages under the reference BAT-MON-3.5-3. The optional shunt will have the reference shunt-300-3.5-3.

The battery monitor BAT-MON shows all relevant standard data such as voltage, current, remaining capacity and time of the service battery plus one additional voltage for starter or bow battery at the same time.

Moreover the battery monitor BAT-MON records history data of your battery such as average discharge depth, unavailable capacity and number of charge/discharge cycles.

An active high-precision 300A shunt unit is provided as standard for battery control. Two extra ones can be used as option.

For each used shunt an additional voltage measurement is also available (i.e. bow-thruster battery).


  • High resolution, energy-saving back light LCD display

    • Dimensions : L 105 x H 105 x D 40 mm

    • Cut-out : 88 x 88 mm

  • Adjustable nominal battery voltage (12V/24V/48V pending)

Technical characteristics

• 1 active shunt 300 A as standard. Suitable for max power of 3600W at 12V or 7200W at 24V.

• Dimensions : L 119 x H 44 x D 43 mm

• Connection : M 8 bolts

• 1 internal potential free contact : to activate a mono- or bistable relay

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    Data sheet User manual Installation diagram