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UNI-DISPLAY-R Touch-screen Control Panel

CRISTEC proposes a brand new touch-screen control panel compatible with all AC-DC HPOWER and  battery chargers, as well as with YPOWER DC-DC battery chargers and MPPT solar charge regulators.

Color and tactile, it has a high-definition reading facade (4.7 by 3.7cm).

It displays in real time data about the battery’s charging and the charger’s AC input power :

  • Battery voltage (up to 3 banks)
  • Charger current
  • Charger state (Boost, absorption, Floating)
  • Battery room temperature (if optional temperature probe mounted)
  • AC input network voltage and frequency

The system will monitor data and will automatically trigger visual alarm for :

  • Low battery voltage (up to 3 banks)
  • High battery voltage (up to 3 banks)
  • Over-temperature in battery room (if optional temperature probe mounted)
  • Low AC input voltage
  • Low AC input frequency

The screen brightness will be adjustable: night/day mode.

Available from the CRISTEC distribution network.

Garantie 2 ans


Data sheet
User manual