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CPS3 digital display

CRISTEC offers a multi-function CPS3 digital display, as a remote panel.

This digital display CPS3 shows current and voltage information related to the battery charger and different banks of batteries.

Having an automatic drop-down menu this display ensures you a rigorous and reliable charge control.

The CRISTEC battery monitor is supplied with all the necessary cabling (8 pin RJ45 type connector).

The digital display has been designed for working with the CPS2 & the CPS3 battery charger range (except the 48V charger models).

General characteristics

  • Display characteristics
    LCD display 2 lines, 16 digits. Integrated back light.
  • Displayed parameters
    • Charger ON
      – Voltage of each battery output : BATD, BAT1 and BAT2
      – Functioning time of the charger
      – Current delivered by the charger
      – Over voltage defect charger output
    • Charger OFF
      – Voltage of each battery output : BATD, BAT1 and BAT2
      – BATD, BAT1 and BAT2 battery charge status (%)
      BATD, BAT1 and BAT2 battery discharged defect
  • Consumption :
    0,5mA in stand-by mode. 30mA in normal using.

Physical characteristics

  • 1 ON/OFF push button if the charger is stopped and the LCD powered from the batteries only
  • Stand-alone electronic remote panel 110 x 110mm
  • Protective front to be fixed to the panel
  • Finish matt black label with yellow text
  • Fixings : opening from 90 x 90 mm + 4 drillings ø 4mm
  • Connection : include 10m cable supplied with phone type connectors
  • Natural cooling
  • Operating temperature : from -10°C to +50°C
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