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Below you can download the user manuals of our products, as well as all their datasheets.

The manuals for the equipment  that are no longer manufactured in our factory are visible in the Previous generations section, right under the Actual range section.

Our general conditions of purchase, sale and warranty are also available for consultation.

Actual range

Battery chargers

HPOWER AC-DC Battery chargers

YPOWER AC-DC Battery chargers

YPOWER DC-DC Battery chargers

YPOWER Shore-power units

CPS3 12V/80A, 24V/60A, 24V/75A & 48V/30A Battery chargers

CPS3 12V/100A, 24V/120A & 48V/60A Battery chargers

CPS3 24V/150A-TRI Battery chargers

CPS Battery chargers

HPO-DISPLAY-R Touch-screen control panel

YPO-DISPLAY-R Touch-screen control panel

CPS3 Digital display


SOLO inverters – 12V 200W 400W 800W 2000W – SOLO 24V 300W 500W 1000W 2000W – SOLO 48V 300W 500W

SOLO inverters – 24V 2300W 3300W – SOLO 48V 1200W 2300W  3500W

YPOWER DC-DC Battery chargers

SD DC-DC Converters

Battery related products

Battery isolator RCE 1 input, 2 outputs, 100/150 or 180A

Battery isolator RCE 1 input 3 outputs, 100/150 or 180A 

Battery isolator RCE 2 inputs 3 outputs 100A

Battery isolator RCE 1 input 3 outputs 200A

VLTG Voltage Guard




Isolation transformers

Previous generations

Battery chargers

CPS3 chargers – 12V/16A, 12V/25A, 12V/40A, 12V/60A, 24V/12A, 24V/20A, 24V/30A & 48V/15A

CPS3 chargers – 12V/80A, 24V/60A, 24V/75A & 48V/30A

CPS3 chargers – 12V/100A, 24V/120A & 48V/60A

CPS3 chargers – 24V/150A-TRI

CPS3 OEM chargers – 12V/25A, 12V/40A, 12V/60A (switches – manufacturing after June 2011)

CPS3 OEM chargers – 12V/25A, 12V/40A, 12V/60A (selection wheel – manufacturing before June 2011)

CPS3 OEM chargers – 24V/60A 230Vac

CPS3 OEM chargers – 24V/60A 115Vac

CPS3 OEM chargers – 24V/40A & 24V/60A

CPS2 chargers – Complete range

CPS2 OEM chargers – 12V/25A

CPS2 OEM chargers – 12V/40A

CPS2 OEM chargers – 12V/60A

CPS2 OEM chargers – 24V/20A

CPS2 OEM chargers – 24V/40A

CPS2 OEM chargers – 24V/60A

CPS chargers – 12V 10A, 12V 16A, 24V 08A, 12V 25A, 24V 12A, 12V 40A, 24V 20A, 12V 60A, 24V 30A, 24V 50A, 24V 60A

CPS600-1A chargers 12V 50A

CPS960-1A chargers 12V 80A

NEMO 12 chargers – 230V 12V 2 outputs

NEMO 25 chargers – 230v 12V 2 outputs

NEMO 25 chargers – 115-230V 12V 3 outputs

NEMO 50 chargers – 230V 12V 3 outputs

NEMO 50 chargers – 115-230v 24V 3 ouputs

Yelllow molded case chargers

Shore power units

CPS3 12V/12A Shore power units

CPS3 12V/16A, 12V/25A & 12V/40A Shore power units

CPS2 12V/10A Shore power units

CPS2 12V/16A, 12V/25A & 12V/40A Shore power units

CPS 12V 10A, 12V/16A, 12V/25A Shore power units

CPS 12V 40A Shore power units

CRISTEC waives all liability if the installation rules and instructions for use are not observed.

The warranty applies if the origin of the failure is a fault internal to the charger due to CRISTEC.

The warranty applies for equipment returned to the Quimper plant (France).

The warranty, if confirmed by the expert’s report, covers only:
o The repair (part(s) and labour)of faulty equipment returned to the Quimper plant (France). Only original
parts recognized as being defective will be replaced under the warranty.
o Return shipping costs after repair (courier, by a carrier of our choice).
The warranty, if confirmed by the expert’s report, gives rise only to a repair of the equipment and not to a
replacement of the equipment.

The warranty does not cover any other costs that may have been caused by the malfunction of the equipment, such
as: shipping and packaging, disassembly, reassembly and testing costs, as well as all other costs not mentioned.

Our warranty on no account provides for any form of compensation. CRISTEC shall not be held liable for damage
incurred as a result of using the battery charger.

The warranty does not apply if the origin of the failure is due to an external default (see below). In this case, a repair
estimate will be issued.

Our warranty does not cover :
1. Failure to abide by this manual
2. Any mechanical, electrical or electronic alterations to the appliance
3. Improper use
4. Presence of moisture
5. Failure to comply with AC power-supply tolerances (i.e. overvoltage)
6. Incorrect connections
7. Falls or impacts during transportation, installation or use
8. Repairs carried out by anyone unauthorized by CRISTEC
9. The maintenance in the energy conversion area made by a non-authorized person by CRISTEC
10. Connection of any interface not supplied by CRISTEC
11. The cost of packaging and carriage
12. Apparent or latent damage sustained during shipment and/or handling (any such claims should be sent to
the haulier)
13. Any unjustified return of equipment (no failure on the equipment)
14. Any other causes not listed above