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Its screen, graphic and color, 3.5 inches in size, will allow you to read, in real time, the ampere-hours, produced and consumed.

In the form of a gauge, you will have, in particular, the remaining capacity of your battery (expressed, as desired, in Ah or in%).

You will be able to configure a low capacity alert threshold.

Here is the information about our battery manager, the BAT-MON-3.5:

  • It consumes 100mA at full brightness and 65mA in standby mode
  • A switch reduces this consumption to 0mA if necessary
  • If the screen is placed after the circuit breaker, the shunt alone consumes 45mA

It is quite possible, especially in wintering mode, to cut all consumption of our BAT-MON-3.5.

To do this, simply position one or two switches to isolate the screen and the shunt.

  • Solution 1

          With two switches

           Note that the one placed between the screen and the battery is part of the basic supply of the BAT-MON-3.5

  • Solution 2

          With only 1 switch

            Note that if the shunt is no longer powered, it is no longer able to retain data. In other words, there will be no history when the power is turned back on.