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As battery charger manufacturer we usually recommend to size up a charger at about 10% from the entire battery bank.

This means that a 25A charger is compliant for battery bank of about 200 to 300Ah.

The choice of batteries has become particularly diversified in recent years. Batteries of different technology and components are available on the market.

It is important to ensure that the charging level is perfectly suited to the type of batteries.

Our chargers are equipped with microswitches to configure the charger according to the type of batteries and the application.

Our chargers are factory-set in sealed lead-acid batteries.


It is important not to mix batteries of different technologies. Indeed, there is no good compromise. In one case, your batteries will never be recharged 100% and in the other, they will be over-voltage with the rapid appearance of a phenomenon of overheating.

Battery monitor BAT-MON-3.5


SOLO inverters convert DC voltage from the batteries into a pure sine AC voltage of 230VAC / 50Hz.

The quality of the signal makes it possible to power all equipments even sensitive.

The rated power rating is constant, without loss, up to 45 ° C.

The overload characteristics are very important, which makes it easy to switch on all the transient starting phases of 230VAC equipment: microwave oven, hairdryer, coffee machine, fridge, refrigerator, air conditioning heating, etc.

The electronic card has a tropicalized and fungicidal varnish to resist in marine environment.

All models come with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Yes, you can. All SOLO sine wave inverters can easily and safely supply a computer. In fact the output voltage from an inverter is often better than that from the electricity grid. 

Yes. You can connect any model of microwave to your inverter, but keep in mind that a 800 watt microwave consumes 1200 to 1300 watt from the 230V system, so you must make sure you choose the correct size inverter.

As a rule, the minimum battery capacity for a 12V installation is about 20% of the inverter capacity. For a 24V installation this would be 10%.

Separatore di carica

It is the source – or sources – which determines the choice of the battery isolator.

I.e. the model RCE / 100-1E-2IG is designed for an input of 100A max.

The purpose of the battery isolator is to isolate the batteries from each other, distribute the available load and prioritize it. Load regulation will be ensured by the alternator (regulator).

The power source must be switched off during installation.

Connect the negative poles of the batteries and the power source to the ground.

The IG-connection can be used to start modern electronic regulated alternators charging the batteries.

These alternators have to measure a certain voltage at the B+ terminal.

ln this case the IG-connection has to be connected to the battery voltage coming from the ignition key switch.

This IG-connection is not available on the 2 inputs model: RCE / 100-2E-3.

You can mount two sources in parallel on a single input of the battery isolator.

For example: 1 alternator and 1 wind turbine on a model RCE / 100-1E-3IG


1 / You will need to make sure that both equipments each have an internal diode to prevent current flowing between them.

2 / the total current of both devices must not exceed the rated current of the distributor (100A in the above case)

Voltage guard

The voltage guard, which main function is to protect a battery against a deep discharge (or battery bank = group), is to be connected in series between the consumers and the positive pole of the battery.

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