CRISTEC design, develop and market electrical equipment for your energy requirements. Our innovative approach and our experience in switch mode technology enable us to supply products to the various requirements of our clients : battery chargers, inverters, battery isolators, converters, shore-power units, power-supplies, digital displays, etc.

We manufacture standard or customized products for a wide variety of applications, for end-users or professional clients, in France or anywhere in the world.


These products are used mainly for on-board applications :

  • Marine : Yachts, Powerboats, Electric boats, Narrow boats, River barges, Coasters, Passenger vessels, Lights & beacons, etc.
  • Mobile : Emergency vehicles (fire appliances, ambulances, paramedics), Leisure vehicles (mobile homes, golf buggies), Police vehicles, Airport vehicles, Lifting vehicles, horse cars, etc.
  • Renewable energy : solar and wind farms, back and beyond sites, autonomous electrical installations, etc.
  • Industry : runway lighting, signal boards, automation, etc.

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